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Online Attainable Accreditation Why should your addiction treatment facility get WAATME accredited?

Accreditation is a process in which an entity, separate and distinct from the health care organization, usually non-governmental, assesses the health care organization to determine if it meets a set of standards requirements designed to improve quality of care.  This voluntary process provides a visible commitment by an organization to continually ensure a safe environment for its patients and staff.

You can easily become WAATME Accredited via our affordable attainable accreditation process and reasonable yet valuable requirements

At the core of a WAATME Accreditation is a line online against the pervasive pandemic by Big Pharma in the field of addiction as it has become the new face of drug pushers that are solely responsible for close to 50,000 prescription drug deaths per year, and growing exponentially. Big pharma influenced facilities tend to hand out prescription drugs like candy. This is NOT the case with WAATME Accredited facilities. By becoming WAATME Accredited you are tell your clients, potential clients, insurance companies, and communities, ( all stakeholders) they are safe from this dangerous influence of big pharma!

When it comes to something as important as healthcare, consumers are also concerned about quality control and best practices. WAATME Accreditation includes appropriate education and training for the facilities and their staffs. This tells all stakeholders, that clients will receiving great care.

WAATME also understands that many communities have concerns about any facility (especially sober living homes) in their community. WAATME works with their facilities in partnership with communities, states, and federal entities to influence legislation as well as less formal voluntary agreements to create win-win relationships (this is especially important with sober living homes. This tells stakeholders the facility will concentrate on client's needs instead of having their resources and time drained by trying to overcome public concerns.

We are also working with insurance companies to make WAATME Accredited homes a preferred choice. This will also improve your revenue and reputation.

The bottom line is you can increase your profit by focusing on your clients and business, while attracting more clients by being a preferred choice.

WAATME Accreditation, unlike JAHCO and CARF, is an attainable accreditation (WAATME accreditations can stand alone or be held in conjunction with other accreditations). Simply put this means the dues are easily affordable for any size organization. Requirements will not require the use of consultants nor take an inappropriate amount of your time and effort. All classes and requirements are filled online so you can complete them at your convenience. We understand the challenges of your business and want to help you succeed and keep your focus on your business.