Affordable & Attainable Accreditation for Addiction Treatment Providers GET 855-WAATMEd
Better Days A Menthal Health Recovery Workbook, Craig Lewis

Why get WAATME accredited & get insurance for all of your patients-clients?

The central principle of a WAATME Accredited facility is a stance against the of influence Big Pharma on addiction treatment facilities. The ease of access to prescription drugs is responsible for thousands of deaths per year at facilities under their influence. This also results in relapses of addiction as well as higher long-term costs in addiction treatment. With WAATME Accredited facilities, this costly accessibility to prescription drugs is not the case.

When you substitute one drug for another you guarantee an increase in long-term treatment costs. You the insurer (payor) have to pay for the replacement drugs. Also, relapses are more likely if the addiction is replaced by a prescription drug addiction. A relapse means additional treatment, costing the insurance industry billions in losses.

A WAATME Accreditation is not an either/or choice between JCAHO or CARF. A WAATME Accreditation can be stand alone or held in conjunction with other accreditations.

A further issue is training and enforcement of best practices. WAATME Accreditations includes training on best practices and client safety. This increases the probability of long-term success and drug abstinence, further protecting you as the payor.

By choosing to send your clients or patients to a WAATME Accredited facility insurance companies increase the probability of a successful addiction treatment journey. Creating reduced risk, and saving billions in generated revenue.