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Why should you or your loved one choose a WAATME Accredited facility?

Did you know that Accreditation is a voluntary process by a third-party? Its sole purpose is to improve quality of care by implementing standards, and requirements that a health care organization stands by .  Is your facility ready to make a visible commitment to ensure the safety of your patients?

Unlike other accredited facilities (The Joint Commission and CARF primarily), no WAATME Accredited facility is owned or funded by Big Pharma. This is extremely important to you the potential client. Big Pharma uses addiction facilities to create new customers by substituting one drug for another. Why? It's cheaper this way, no costs are involved for costly therapeutic protocols. It may come as no surprise his has created a role of Big Pharma in the field of addiction as the new face of drug pushers that are solely the cause of close to 50,000 prescription drug deaths per year. This is NOT the case with WAATME Accredited facilities.

When it comes to something as important as healthcare, consumers are also concerned about quality control and best practices. WAATME Accreditation includes appropriate education and training for the facilities and their staff. This, in turn, means the patient will receive a better quality of care.

WAATME also understands that many communities have concerns about facilities (especially sober living homes) in their community. WAATME works with their facilities in partnership with communities, states, and federal entities to influence legislation as well as less formal voluntary agreements to create win-win relationships, This allows the facility to concentrate on client's needs instead of having their resources and time drained by trying to overcome public concerns.

If you are serious about dealing with an addiction, you now have a choice to choose a WAATME accredited facility!