Affordable & Attainable Accreditation for Addiction Treatment Providers GET 855-WAATMEd
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Why Get WAATME Affordable & Attainable Accreditation?

WAATME Attainable Accreditation: Except for WAATME , accreditation such as JCAHO and CARF include hefty dues that will substantially negatively affect your profits, require months to years of time, and voluminous paperwork further hindering your business with tons of red tape. WAATME was developed by Old West Healthcare Partners, rounded-up by folks in the addiction treatment facility industry who fully understand your needs, and we cut the red-tape. WAATME fees are affordable for any size facility. Our training and courses are designed to help your business. They are applicable to enhancing your service, and your profits while taking minimal time and effort. All accreditation is attainable online so you are able to meet your requirements, and improve your business at your convenience. One of the biggest benefits of all is that this will positively affect your community.