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Why should an insurance company (payor) send their client to a WAATME Accredited facility?
Reduced Costs.

At the core of a WAATME Accredited facility is a line drawn online against the pervasive pandemic hold Big Pharma has in the field of addiction as it has become the new face of drug pushers that are solely responsible for close to 50,000 prescription drug deaths per year, and growing exponentially. Big Pharma influenced facilities first line of treatment is a prescription drug model. Why? It’s easier, and cheaper than a higher level of advanced costly care. Ultimately this results in addiction relapse as well as higher long term costs in addiction treatment. This is NOT the case with WAATME Accredited facilities.

When you substitute one drug for another you guarantee an increase in long term treatment cost. You the insurer (payor) have to pay for the replacement drug. Also, relapses are more likely if the addiction is replaced by a prescription drug addiction. Billions of relapses means additional treatment thereby losing billions of dollars.

A WAATME Accreditation is not an either/or choice between The Joint Commission or CARF. A WAATME Accreditation can be stand alone, or held in conjunction with either of those accreditations.

A further stewardship is education, and enforcement of best practices, or better practices. WAATME Accreditations include training on best practices, and client safety. This increases the probability of long term recovery, a dramatic decrease of patient check-in's to treatment center or sober living homes maximizing payor profitability.

When insurance companies send clients, or patients to a WAATME Accredited facility there is an increase in the probability of success. Translating into increased generated revenue to the insurance company (payor). Are you ready to become a Reduced Costs Pardner'?