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WAATME Attainable Accreditation
is your Ace in the Hole!

Many accreditations institutions such a JCAHO or CARF (WAATME Accreditation can stand alone, or be held in conjunction with other accreditation groups) require funds that will put a huge hit on your profits (on top of taxes you are already paying), requiring a tremendous amount of time, effort, voluminous paperwork, costly consultant fees, all while services to your clients and business suffer.

WAAMTE is your ace in the hole! We have eliminated all of the impossible red tape!

WAATME was developed, and is run by Old West Healthcare Partners who are heavily involved in the addiction treatment facility industry. We understand your needs more than most. WAATME dues are affordable by any size facility. Our training and schooling were designed to help your business, are applicable to enhancing your service, and your profits while taking a doable amount of time and effort — in other words, its attainable.

All accreditation requirements are done online so you are able to meet your requirements and improve your business all at your convenience. Best of all we do not require a portion of your yearly generated revenue based on your number of beds.

Do you need us to come out there, and help ya’ with your fighting neighbors, and cities?

WAATME is your pardner’. As a third party our teams of addiction specific credentialed professionals will resolve your fights very quickly.

We think it is time clients, potential clients, families, insurance companies, communities, city councils, and other neighbors let the world know you are WAATME accredited!